Vision & Mission

Our vision is for development in Africa to be powered by innovation. We exist to create, grow, and sustain innovation by investing in people.

Join us in Innovate for Africa's mission to create the next generation of African innovators while supporting existing innovators, strengthening the whole innovation ecosystem.

We believe that by empowering students with the right skills, confidence, and a supportive network and connecting them with start-ups, both current and aspiring entrepreneurs have a higher probability of succeeding.

Who we are

We are experienced educators, entrepreneurs, and consultants. We are passionate about building powerful learning experiences and preparing students to make a difference in their communities.  


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Quadri Oguntade

Quadri is an MBA/MPA student at MIT Sloan School of Management and Harvard Kennedy School. He has experience supporting organizations to innovate, transform, and use data analytics to bring bold strategies to life as Management & Technology consultant at Deloitte. As a Bachelor and Masters of Sciences Electrical Engineering graduate and an entrepreneur, he understands how to apply his STEAM background to innovation-driven entrepreneurship.

Margaret Wang

Margaret is a teaching fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Education and graduated with a Master's in International Education Policy at Harvard and Bachelor's in Teacher Preparation Program training from Princeton University. She has a wealth of experience in curriculum design, programming, and teaching business management, economics, and entrepreneurship. Previously, she worked at an early-stage EdTech startup.

Alex Grady

Alex is a program manager at Unity and graduated with a Masters's degree in Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He has experience developing building social entrepreneurship learning experiences in K-12 and higher education settings. He previously worked at MIT Solve developing an edX course for early-stage social entrepreneurs- Business and Impact Planning for Social Enterprises.

Mary Nagel

Mary is a Masters's student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has experience in forming partnerships through her previous work in the federal government and multinational organizations such as USAID and World Bank. She has also promoted initiatives to engage the youth in entrepreneurship under the Obama Administration.

Cynthia Obiora

Cynthia is a young graduate of Agricultural Economics from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She is passionate about agricultural policies and innovations targeted at reducing global hunger. She is also interested in leadership and entrepreneurial management. She is currently an Innovate for Africa fellow. Her voice is imperative in representing the needs of young innovators in Nigeria.


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