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Can your current team build organizational frameworks to map out a strategic plan or use digital storytelling to optimize your impact? Innovate for Africa (IFA) is a social impact venture that supports the next generation of Nigerian innovators. We recruit, train, and place young entrepreneurs at innovative start-ups like yours to support your start-up today as they learn to become future founders of tomorrow.

Backed by Harvard and MIT-led entrepreneurs, consultants, educators, and industry leaders, our IFA fellows have received intense "Innovation Readiness" training so that they can bring innovative solutions to your organization.

IFA start-ups can be from anywhere in the world as our fellows, based in Nigeria, are also trained to work virtually.

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Do you have a problem in your startup that you would like talented innovators to work on for free? Submit a proposal by December 25 and we'll select a few for our Jan 2021 Cycle fellows to work on in the field of:

  • Data Analysis

  • Product Management

  • Digital Marketing

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Values IFA Offers to Startups

Access to top STEAM graduates at subsidized rates

70% percent savings on a yearly salary for a typical STEAM graduates

IFA’s selection and training process identify assessed self-learners with high-performance aptitude indicators from our graduates in top universities in Nigeria.

Streamlined recruitment

Reduce the amount of time and resources to recruit  top talents from months to weeks

IFA's rigorous selection process eliminates the time and effort required to recruit young talent.

Ease of talent integration

Reduce the amount of investment needed to on-board and train for new hires in your startup

Fellows learn from educators and entrepreneurs from Harvard and MIT using real case studies and hands-on projects to develop the mindsets start-ups in Nigeria seek in their candidates.

Culturally fit employees

Reduce cost related to employee attrition

During our selection & training process, you will be able to assess culture fit and rank your preference for your hires through interactions with the fellows.