Entrepreneurial Indicators

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

By Mary Nagel.

Dear Innovator,

Yes, that's you!

But what does being an innovator mean? And how do you know if you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur? Innovate For Africa is here to help guide you. Our team of educators, entrepreneurs, and consultants have developed a selection process that assesses your entrepreneurial capabilities. But what does having entrepreneurial capabilities really mean?

Read through the following questions and see if this sounds like you:

  • Do you constantly seek out opportunities to learn?

  • Do you complete a task to completion even when it appears challenging?

  • Do you take on ambitious goals and develop a plan for yourself to get there?

  • Do you ask for feedback? And does this constructive feedback drive and challenge you to be better?

These questions personify what we at Innovate for Africa call your entrepreneurial indicators that help us determine your entrepreneurial capabilities. These same capabilities are the values that drive all of us at Innovate for Africa.

Innovate for Africa Values

  1. Being Innovative - re-imagine a better tomorrow through ideas

  2. Collaboration - seek collective agreement and hear other people's inputs to inspire

  3. Grit - think big, preserve, and execute no matter what

  4. Growth mindset - view mistakes as an opportunity to learn

  5. Inclusivity and diversity - solicit and respect opinions from all voices to succeed.

How Does IFA Build Innovators?

For aspiring innovators, like you, we offer a unique opportunity based on our values to develop your existing entrepreneurial capabilities through our 1 year Innovation for Africa Fellowship. As part of your fellowship, you will hone both your soft and hard skills through our Innovation Readiness training paired with our placement opportunity at one of our partner organizations. As such, you will be expected to apply your learnings in innovation, collaboration, grit, growth mindset, and inclusivity and diversity to your placement at one of our innovation-driven startups.

Your Next Step in Your Entrepreneurial Journey

So now you see yourself as an innovator and want to be part of our innovation ecosystem, apply to be part of the upcoming Innovation For Africa Fellowship cycle here and let us guide you on your journey to become an entrepreneur!

Learn more about our program at our website: https://www.innovate4africa.org/

Become an IFA partner today to hire a fellow from our future cycle: https://www.innovate4africa.org/hireafellow

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Together we can inspire the next generation of innovators.

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