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Audrey Oluwakemi is a finance enthusiast skilled in financial planning and analysis with an academic background in accounting. For Audrey, the Innovate for Africa (IFA) training was an overall rejuvenating experience which had an effect on every aspect of her personal and professional life. Here is what she had to say about her training:

"I am grateful for “The Innovate for Africa Training”, as it has made me see beyond my initial limitations and I have been set on a more vivid path to see things differently. I used to think that “innovation” was only for “geeks” but now I see this from a different perspective because I have been groomed to be an “innovator”. This is an achievement I am particular proud of. "

Audrey wants to implement strategies and develop financial systems to improve the Nigerian standard of living and strengthen the economy as she believes that there are multiple untapped resources and opportunities for economic growth in Nigeria and Africa at large and she sees innovation as the solution. The IFA training ensured she had access to influential individuals in diverse professions; all passionate about innovation.

"We had an array of Guest Speakers with great minds. Each one of them took out time to share knowledge and insightful tips. Among all the speakers that were in attendance, I was particularly moved by the session with Mr Gbenga Oyebode of Aluko & Oyebode Law firm. He took us through his success journey and shared both the good, the bad and the ugly experiences along the way. In addition, he made us understand the importance of building a strong legacy, making an impact and giving back to the society above all."

The Innovation training ensured that Audrey did not only learn but applied this knowledge to get a better understanding.

"In summary, my 4-weeks intensive course outline included- Strategy Project; Project Management; Personal Branding; Introduction to Design Thinking; Hackathon and Product Development, Match Day and Job Resumption preparation. In the course of the entire month I turned in a total of 19 assignments, 2 presentations and 3 blog posts honorably. "

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