Meet Cynthia

An IFA fellow with an academic background in agricultural economics; Cynthia Obiora, participated in the Innovate for Africa (IFA) innovation training and was able to develop her soft skills as well as apply her knowledge and passion for design into her daily tasks.

"It was quite evident that the facilitators had our best interest at heart and had carried out detailed research as the training program which ran for 4 weeks went smoothly in terms of technicalities and logistics. It also consisted of workshops and sessions with several guest speakers which helped develop my thoughts on entrepreneurship and innovation.

The first thing I learnt during the training was my business work style which was a mix of being a guardian and interrogator which means I take time in trying to think before making decisions. I also learnt a lot about group culture and working with other people collaboratively."

She was able to learn how to develop strategies and grasp the concept of project management and the intricacies involved.

"I also learnt how to develop objectives and key results (OKRs) and use this to develop an adequate strategy for any enterprise... Project management is a highly sought after skill in any business or company irrespective of it being a startup or not. Our facilitators explained this and taught us how to use Trello; a project management software."

An insight from the guest speakers made available during the training really impacted her thought process and here is what Cynthia had to say about this;

"I recognized the importance of having good work ethics and a personal brand from Rehmah Kasule, the requirements of working in a startup from Adekunbi Oyelade and Anjali Sastry. The value of technology from George Xing and Martin Curtis. I found out from George Oyebode that an entrepreneur has to be able to make and take bold decisions and steps at any form of opportunity presented. Clement Kao provided insights on being a product manager and I understood the importance of being diligent as an entrepreneur. I also got the opportunity to speak to the founders of some of the startups such as Schoolable, MEDSAF, MDaaS and Ozé before the meet and greet."


"I really admire my growth process during this training as I learnt a lot. I am proud of how I was able to take the initiative and self learn how to create a prototype during the IFA hackathon. I admire my ability to work as an effective team player and communicator. Being a lover of learning, I'll really miss having the daily sessions with my new found network (facilitators and fellows)."

Cynthia is interested in the safety of her environment, in innovations and reducing food security. To discover more on how much IFA impacted on Cynthia; click here.

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