Meet Joel

Joel Usonegbu has experience and training on data analysis, data visualization, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing through his previous work at IBM. In addition, through his self-learning mindset, he has received certification in Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics Modeler, Blockchain, etc. Here is what he has to say about his Innovation Readiness training at IFA:

"It was an amazing, intense, resourceful and an 'I wish it would never end' 4 weeks of brainstorming, teamwork, project management and many more practices during the IFA program. Right from the orientation in the first week, I was blown away by amazing minds from Harvard and MIT putting us through on how important it is that we are all aspiring innovators because the world needs us more than ever. We were taken through different steps of learning ranging from project management to personal branding, ability to understand problems using Design Thinking, how to create a strategy down to even having a Hackathon which enabled us to have a firm grasp of what we’ve learnt in the past month."

Joel has an ambitious goal to continue developing his skills as a data scientist so that he can harness the power of data in the field of cancer research. He was able to explore innovation in the healthcare sector during the Innovation Readiness training:

"One major key takeaway I took was how we were able to completely break down a problem which involved Healthcare in Nigeria due to the pandemic. We were expected to bring new ideas around how Healthcare solutions can be easily disseminated in Nigeria. Our actions were to build a prototype of an app that would better solve the Healthcare System and also cut cost. This would result in making lesser cues in hospitals, reduce the amount of waiting times and even make it easier for patients to get consultation from the comfort of their homes."

Overall, he summarizes his training experience with IFA:

"In conclusion, I wish the experience never ended and I would encourage more youths to embrace the need to be innovative as it’s the key to major success in the future and would help to curb the problem of unemployment. I really look forward to exploring more of my innovative side in the future by solving most problems that we face here in Nigeria and also make it possible for other upcoming innovators to learn with ease from steps I would have taken.

The great accomplishments of men have resulted from the transmission of ideas and enthusiasm.

- Thomas J. Watson."

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