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Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Linda Oranya is a dedicated data scientist with skills in software and machine learning engineering. She is an African youth that loves to learn and add value to herself and environment. Her passion for taking up challenges enabled her become an Innovate for Africa fellow in 2020 and obtain necessary skills to be part of Africa's innovative ecosystem. Linda says;

"Prior to this training, I used to think that the only way to be an entrepreneur would probably be when you are bold enough to own a business or solve a unique problem, but now I realized that entrepreneurs are everywhere... I used to think that innovation comes from the smartest of minds and you can only solve problems when the problem is really big, but this training helped me realize that problem solving comes from being innovative about the littlest of things and making it work. Identifying a problem is really a part of our everyday lives and making it work is as easy as making it happen and making the problem a little better than you met it. I learned a lot about collaboration, networking, teamwork, and how collaboration can help you see things better from different angles."

Linda believes that Innovate for Africa touched several topics ranging from problem-solving, product management, design thinking and she enjoyed applying all these to solving a unique problem in a hackathon. Here is what she has to say about this;

"With this experience, I was able to create a portfolio, learned enough about SEO, and making my personal branding visible on the internet. I also learned product management, the IFA training generally prepared me for an all-rounder 21st-century entrepreneur, equipping me with the skills necessary to excel in the workplace."

On her experience with the guest speakers;

"Yes! There were great innovators and entrepreneurs who took their time to speak with us every single day! I learned at least a thing or more from every speaker every day: the word of Vivian Nwakah, founder of MEDSAF, where she encouraged us to continuously build our dreams step by step every day or that of Rehmah Kasule, where she encouraged us to always do things for ourselves and much more resonating words that have really been a source of motivation. However, I really could relate to George Xing, especially because he spoke a lot about my field and his experience motivated me even more."

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