Meet Lionel

Lionel Mordi is a goal-driven detail-oriented financial analyst passionate about innovation in the Nigerian financial sector due to his academic background in Banking and Finance. Being part of the Innovation Readiness training exposed his hidden capacity at thinking critically and solving problems as he stated;

"I was exposed to a lot of aspects I thought I couldn’t venture into. The training helped me push my boundaries and expand my thinking horizon. It helped me know that for every problem, there exist innovative and smart solutions to it and also no idea was totally useless. It equipped me with the skills necessary to excel in a fast place workplace. It was an all hands on deck drilling."

Lionel was able to achieve this through Innovate for Africa's specially designed curriculum which covered strategic analysis, design thinking, project management, and product development among others. This allowed our fellows the opportunity to practice on their own using case studies, a hackathon and several assigned tasks.

"We had practical training on a variety of topics ranging from strategic thinking where we developed hypothetical strategies using a few companies as case study (such as Jumia), developed objective key results, establishing metrics, resources and activities on how to actualize set objectives."

Through our program, we ensure that graduates like Lionel are equipped with the ownership and growth mindset needed to perform in modern startups.

"Prior to the training, I used to think that a negative feedback meant you were not good and that you could not be accepted but I got to understand that a negative feedback is a way of telling you that you can do better and be the best at what you do. Also, I got to understand that mistakes present an opportunity for learning and growth...Moving forward, I hope to apply all I have learnt to all aspects of life, keep pushing, and never giving up."

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