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Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Stephen Olanrewaju is an experienced data analyst and digital marketing professional. His passion for technology, entrepreneurship and innovation led him to being an Innovate for Africa fellow in 2020 which provided him the opportunity to partake in the Innovation Readiness training Program. Here is an excerpt on his experience:

"The first week was awesome and exciting, meeting bright minds and IFA educators from MIT. It was centered on strategy project with a guest speaker MIT Anjali Sastry . We looked into organization framework and used Jumia as a case study to look into how to measure and create strategy to achieve set objectives. We were further trained on project management with relevant online tools for project managers... I use to think design thinking was solely for Engineers but I learned it can be used in any process that involves using data to create a product or solution."

Stephen's valuable experience was the hackathon organized. While the fellows were allowed to apply knowledge gained through assigned tasks, the hackathon enabled them have a deeper understanding to problem solving as well as develop their collaborative and creativity skills.

"Each pioneer innovator came up with a topic and a current important issue that required a solution. A poll was conducted and we are all divided into two groups: Waste Warriors and Digital Healthcare innovators. The atmosphere was heightened and filled with anxiety and curiosity. Questions like what, how and when were at the front of each participant mind knowing that we needed to apply our training and knowledge to come up with a MVP or product for the pitch. It was really practical and also engaging.

The hackathon process was an eye opener that led to innovative solutions and lot of discoveries among which include the e-mobile innovative Waste disposal platform. We applied the design thinking process which helped the team understand and address issues, beliefs, mindset, and lifestyle that surrounds our target audience by creating a consumer persona through primary market research, ideation, and development of a minimum viable product."

IFA truly values African youths like Stephen and ensures they come out into the workforce with a growth mindset, grit and relevant soft and hard skills to evolve the African innovation ecosystem.

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